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What? Who? Can You Help?

We want to say a huge, great big “Thank you” to all of you who’ve visited the Gallery since it re-opened in April, and an even bigger “Thank you” to those who’ve spent your hard earned bucks and purchased one of our artist’s pieces of work. It mean so much to us all to have your support and it enables us to continue with our vision, which is really where I want to go with this Blog today.

WHAT ?  As a Community Interest Company – CIC – we are “not for profit”, meaning all profits generated go straight back into the business and not our pockets, very like with a charity.  We were incorporated in early February 2021 so are in the early stages of getting this project up and running, however the Gallery is an established aspect of the Hwb that is continuing to sell an extensive range of artists work and we are starting to develop a timetable for workshop delivery too.

The Hwb’s main aim is to build a community of experienced and emerging artists to encourage creative art in our community through workshops, group activities and creative sessions, to assist in community cohesion, reduce isolation and improve mental and emotional health. We will be encouraging and mentoring new artists to bring their work to market and assisting in developing collaborations between artists; we expect to see some interesting partnerships and it’ll be an exciting aspect of the Hwb’s activities to look forward to

We currently have Four Directors/Trustees, with a range of experience and here’s a brief introduction:


Mena Williams – Founder – A native Pembroke girl who’s been running the Pottery and Gallery for a few years and will be well known to many of you.

“I find I isolate myself as an artist and have realised that connection with like-minded artists and creatives is essential for my wellbeing.

I had a dream to build a creative hub where people with all level of ability and experience can meet, build confidence, gain artistic knowledge, support each other and even work collaboratively”.



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Lesley Chambers – often to be found manning the Gallery, she has worked extensively in sales and has experience in administrative roles.

“I returned to Wales after 35years, when my husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease;  I took care of him with much support of family and friends.  It was a very difficult time for me, however I found that local art groups and workshops became essential to my wellbeing, and I subsequently started volunteering for East Gate Gallery and Workshops”


67BA5E28 2B66 43B0 9EBE 160DBB04676EKaren MacKechnie – “Having spent the majority of my working life developing projects within food poverty and for homeless people, I am delighted to be part of the team of directors at EastGate Creative Hwb CIC.

I stopped working to spend more time with my 3 children, 2 of whom are autistic and it was through Ella, my eldest, that I came to meet Mena and really appreciate first hand the benefits of creative opportunities.

We have been on our smallholding in Pembrokeshire for almost 9years now. We love the wild open spaces and for me the utter joy of sea swimming is just the best”.

As a way to connect with others and reconnect with my creative self I started undertaking a range of artistic endeavours, including pottery, where I met Mena. I’ve found the experience of using creative arts extremely therapeutic and am rarely now without a project on the go,

Im very excited to be part of EastGate Creative Hwb and looking forward to seeing how we can really make a difference in the community”.

8331AE0E 1D65 4507 929E D51189B20E0DAmanda Thomas – Having worked in addiction treatment for 25yrs, running detox and rehab centres in the UK and Portugal she was able to take early retirement and return to Pembrokeshire.

“I find creative arts a wonderful way to express myself and ease anxieties and stress.  They’re extremely therapeutic and a wonderful way to meet people, which was important to me as I returned to the County. 

I’m excited to see this project develop and become an important part of the local and wider community”

That’s the Board and we’re really keen to have more of you join us.  We’re looking for a range of people with varying skills and talents to volunteer:

Gallery –  We would like to open the Gallery for longer hours and from Monday – Saturday, so need keen, friendly people to join our Sales/Curating team, a few hours a day or a week would be grand.

A Workshop Coordinator to arrange artists to undertake a timetable of courses/classes and make all necessary arrangements for those teaching and learning; we anticipate this being as big or as small a role, initially, as the person who takes it will want it to be, however we are looking for enthusiasm and a strong desire to see the vision realised.

Board – We are looking for someone to be our Chairperson – Chair and manage Board meetings, and also a Company Secretary, to assist with meeting Agendas, Minutes and some administrative tasks.

A Grant Applicator, someone with experience and/or enthusiasm of tendering for contracts, Grants applications etc.

Last, however certainly not least, we are looking for someone to assist with Project Management/Liaison, helping us to fulfil our mission, keep the project on track, assist with building renovations, managing other volunteers etc.

If you’re interested or know anyone who might be perfect – please encourage them to contact us via email with some info regarding background and skills so we can arrange a chat sometime soon e: eastgatehwb@outlook.com

Opening days and times:

Wednesday 10am – 5pm

Thursday 10am – 5pm

Friday 10am – 5pm

Saturday 10am – 5pm