Mena Williams

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As the founder and owner of East Gate Gallery, Mena is helping to expand the growing artistic community in Pembroke. The gallery hosts a variety of creative workshops run by local Pembrokeshire artists, including Mena’s own pottery workshops.

For her own ceramic work, Mena often uses beach-combed objects and natural materials to press into the clay. Every piece is a hand-crafted one-off.

“I’m inspired by the beauty of the coastal landscape here in Pembrokeshire, but I’m equally inspired by the country lanes. I’m constantly finding little bits on the beach or in the hedgerows, and I’m just as interested in the weeds…the forget-me-knots growing in the nooks and crannies and the brilliant yellow un-loved dandelions.”

The pieces Mena sells in the East Gate Gallery range from delicate tea lights to large table lamps, with everything in between from simple tea cups to intricate jewellery.

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