Coastal by Mena

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Inspired as always by the ever-changing coastline of her Pembrokeshire homeland, Mena Williams, of Mena Ceramics, is proud to introduce her new Coastal Collection.
This exclusive range of gorgeous, delicate stoneware pots has been hand-thrown on the pottery wheel at East Gate Gallery – each one unique with marine hues of greens, blues, greys and whites.
In all of her designing and making, Mena is greatly influenced by where she lives on the Pembrokeshire Coast.
With beautiful, wild beaches on her doorstep and an almost legendary coastal light which has captivated generations of artists, she takes inspiration from the patterns in the sky and the waves on the sea.
By using a long bristle brush to apply the glazes, Mena applies the colours freely while turning the pot on the wheel. This method achieves a finish on the pots that evokes a feeling of movement like the sea.
The collection also features a foaming texture reminiscent of ‘white horses’ as the waves roll on towards the shore.
Mena said: “It’s always a little nerve-wracking opening the kiln to see what has become of your creations during the firing process. With this collection, I couldn’t be more pleased with the glaze; the depth of colour in these pots is just beautiful.
“I love to experiment with blends, colours and textures, and the combinations here have come out fantastically well.”
The exclusive, limited edition Coastal Collection range is available to buy at East Gate Gallery and will be online soon.

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